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I’d like to be a faithful wife and a devoted partner for a man who is interested in making friends with a cute, gentle, affectionate, restrained, humorous and open-hearted woman. […]

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I am a punctual and responsible woman. I would describe myself as a merry and optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic, sensitive and sympathetic person.

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I am calm, even-tempered, sincere and optimistic. I like communicating with interesting people- there are so many topics that can be discussed and impressions to be shared!

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I am kind, caring, witty, faithful, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, with good morals, values, character, have a good sense of humor. I like to smile and enjoy life.

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I am a vivacious, highly energetic and radiant person. I enjoy life like an interesting game which hides a lot of different challenges and opportunities to take.